Farm Fuels loses its licence for two weeks

Traffic Commissioner's Inquiry decision;


The Traffic Commissioner sums up his decision as follows;

"I therefore find that Farm Fuels Ltd has been using an unauthorised operating centre at Crouchland Farm.

The unauthorised use has been extensive and prolonged and I further find that the operator (Leon Mekitarian) has sought to conceal the extent of this by its not entirely accurate claim that its vehicles were ‘in use’ because they were being loaded during the period in question.

I have therefore concluded that a meaningful period of suspension is appropriate."

The licence is suspended from 1st-15th December 2016.

Leon Mekitarian is also the Managing Director of Crouchland Biogas Ltd, - which wholly owns Farm Fuels Ltd

Perhaps the most damning parts of this decision are the 'not entirely' accurate claims by Mr Mekitarian at the Public Inquiries, which PORE spoke out against.

The company must now cease to base its vehicles at Crouchland Farm. If in the future we have reason to believe this has not happened then we can contact DVSA's General Enquiry number: 0300 123 9000 to report the incidents, as well any allegations that conditions relating to the current operating centre in Woking are being breach