A 'Mountain' of maize being used to supply Crouchland Biogas

Despite importation of feedstock being deemed unlawful by a planning inspector, the planning system is allowing the continued import of maize in HGVs. A MOUNTAIN of maize at a farm in Wiggonholt is currently supplying Crouchland Biogas. HGVs arrive there from 7.15am and transport the maize the 30 minute journey back to Plaistow throughout the day.

The HGVs travel along rural lanes including Foxbridge Lane - something that WSCC Highways stated would have a 'SEVERE impact on highway safety'. Can someone please tell us who will be responsible when there is an accident? If it's dangerous, then why won't they STOP the unlawful imports?

This maize is then fed into the peecon feeders to feed the digesters - a noise which keeps residents awake at night - with frequent calls to the Environment Agency helpline.

Stop the imports; stop the dangerous HGVs; reduce the size of the plant. Keep us safe on the lanes; let us sleep at night