A blot on the landscape - in Plaistow & Ifold Parish, and Kirdford Parish

This photo shows Crouchland Farm/Biogas, located in the Parish of Plaistow & Ifold - and Kirdford Parish.

The red lines show the viewer the areas containing development which does not have planning permission. These structures were just built with no regard to the communities or the environment. It was only when the local people started to ask what was happening, that Crouchland Biogas put in a Retrospective Planning Applicat...ion, which was refused by West Sussex County Council.

This part of Sussex is described in Chichester Local Plan as an area of special character that deserves protection from intensive development as it is characterised by “a feeling of remoteness and tranquillity which is rare in the South East of England

Enforcement Notices have been served on the company requiring them to stop operating and to remove the development which does not have planning permission. The applicant/operator can continue their operations whilst these Enforcement Notices and the Refusal of Planning Permission are under appeal by Crouchland Biogas. (Appeal dates slightly changed to Tuesday 25 April, Wednesday 26 April, Thursday 27 April, Friday 28 April, Wednesday 4 May and Thursday 5th May 2017)

Top left shows the location of the mega-lagoon. The rest of the red line shows the gas-cleaning system, separator, flare, upload stanchions, lagoon 4 and various other structures.

This is NEVER a location that has the highway infrastructure to support an industrial plant of this size.