Endless maize!


There have been 3 days of endless tractors and trailers bringing in maize from Gostrode Farm. Our conservative estimate is 130 loads a day - so that's around 400 loads so far.

The first 2 days brought the tractors through Plaistow, where they wrecked verges, nearly hit pedestrians, couldn't fit on the lanes and where we asked them to drive more slowly. Today they came through Balls Cross and Kirdford. At 10.30pm tonight they are still driving down Foxbridge Lane to Crouchland. We expect many more days of disruption and dismay.

The import of maize is greater than ever before - even though they have downsized the herd of cows to just 300.

The photo shows what happens when the maize arrives at Crouchland Farm, where they are packaged into Ag Bags. Much maize is also stored at Malham Farm and other farms in the area.

Crouchland Farm state that all this imported maize is to feed the cows and therefore the activity is purely agricultural.