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  1. Who are we?
    PORE supporters are local, rural countryfolk (including the village farmers) who have lived in the countryside all their lives; watched Crouchlands Farm thrive under Peter Luttman-Johnson and now, with horror, have witnessed the construction of an Industrial biogas plant without the required planning permission, by his son, William Luttman-Johnson. We supported the original, small 'on-farm' biogas plant for processing the dairy waste, but not the unauthorised site we have now, serviced by gigantic HGVs on our tiny country lanes.
    It's over 3 years since the huge lagoon was built - without permission - and still it sits there - full of polluting digestate. What's going to happen now it's so very full? Please not another major digestate spill, like the one our village suffered last june?

  • Very well put. Sadly William Luttman-Johnson appears to have the hide of a rhinoceros and not a care about the family reputation. Peter L-J and his family created a farm that the area was proud of and a leading example of all that's British Farming. Now it appears that Money Is all these people are after riding roughshod over local feelings. The majority feel isolated as THERE seems to be some invisible shield around this non approved development. Are we disappointed with the AUTHORITIES, YOU BET WE ARE.😬😬😬
  • WLJ doesn't live locally..he resides in Suffolk. .so cannot appreciate the concerns of the locals as he doesn't experience the noise..the pollution
    including light pollution. .the traffic, destruction to roads and verges..
    .'Not in my back yard' comes to mind..!
  • There are also many P.O.R.E supporters who bought a home in this rural Parish appreciating its woodland character, the multitude of public rights of way for outdoor pursuits and fully aware that there were agricultural and other businesses operating that would have seasonal activities. But none of those businesses have ever been or become of the invasive, destructive, industrial-scale nature as Crouchland Biogas Ltd. It was galling to learn a Crouchland Biogas director had told the traffic commissioner that objectors are nimbys and "serial objectors just wanting to keep their little corner of England the same". I've also heard that another director tells people that objectors are 'wealthy commuters against a poor farmer' which is PR spin, complete tosh and somewhat ironic coming from Crouchland directors (one of whom lives in Chelsea) who rake in taxpayers money for an UNLAWFUL industrial plant REFUSED retrospective planning permission.
  • A great summary. Alongside flouting the planning laws, utter disregard for the inappropriateness of a vast waste plant in a rural environment and the damage to livelihoods and environment from pollution, perhaps the saddest part is that a community that all along supported the appropriate diversification of a local farm to enable on-farm waste production of energy to go into the grid, is now being wrongly cast as the Nimby because a operation without planning permission is ruining our quiet enjoyment of a corner of rural Sussex.

Take care everyone - in Plaistow, Ifold, Loxwood and beyond.
More tankers leaving Crouchlands and causing chaos on the roads.
Check the photo below, as a tanker meets the school bus head-on, whilst attempting to turn left into Foxbridge Lane. Photo taken today.

  • Can't help thinking that over the last couple of weeks the amount of tankers and trucks has increased. Is this the case?
    • Yes. They have to shift the digestate as the lagoons are so full. For some reason they are also still exporting the cow beddings rather than putting them in the digesters? Someone said this was because they have mastitis, but it's been going on a long time. And of course they are importing huge amounts of maize.
    • Long term mastitis could be an indication of TB, but I'm sure this possibility would have been checked and dealt with
  • This bus may not have been full, but it's not really the point. The HGVs travel from 7am throughout school and work commuting journeys. The point is that they can't turn within the junctions and never have been able to. The plant would never have got planning permission, if they had applied for it BEFORE building it! Highways would not have allowed it.
  • So sad that all this chaos is happening in what was our lovely, peaceful environment and that the local inhabitants have to suffer all this stress, just for the satisfaction and financial rewards (for them) of such selfish and greedy Crouchlands Company members!