Transport Inquiry this tuesday - do come!

The Traffic Commissioners Public Inquiry is this tuesday, at 10am at Court Room(SEMTA), Ivy House, Ivy Terrace, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4QT

What is and what happens at a Public Inquiry?

A public inquiry can be called on for any reason, but the following, listed below, are the more common reasons.

A public inquiry can be called if there are uncertainties or doubts regarding the ability of an operator to run vehicles according to operators’ licence undertakings. This may be the result of a visit from DVSA, which in turn may have been proceeded by a roadside check that highlighted a number of issues causing concern. It could be due to other offences or graduated fixed penalties that have been listed against the operator’s licence.

At a public inquiry the Traffic Commissioner will ask a series of questions relating to the reason you have been called to inquiry. Usually the questions will be about the storage of records storage of records such as tachographs, also the operating hours of the vehicles and where the vehicles are kept can be covered.

What can happen to my operator’s licence at Public Inquiry?

If the Traffic Commissioner is not satisfied by what they hear or see given in evidence then they have the power to revoke your operator’s licence. If your licence does get revoked then you can no longer operate your HGV/PCV vehicles on public roads.

The Traffic Commissioner can also put restrictions on the licence such as the number of vehicles you are able to operate, or the times that vehicles may be driven to and from your centre.