Another day - another spill - at Crouchland Biogas plant

On Tuesday morning the community reported to the Environment Agency a substantial spill at Crouchland Biogas. The company had not reported the incident themselves but were desperately trying to clear up the black liquid waste from all around the equipment and digesters. The Environment Agency were on site within a a few hours and had this statement to give;

We were notified of a liquid waste leak at Crouchland Farm on the morning of 2 September. Many thanks to the vigilance of the local community for reporting this to us. We have visited the site and are investigating the cause and impacts of the spill.

Details will be limited until all the facts are completely understood.

We would continue to urge anyone to report incidents of pollution to our 24 hour hotline on 0800 807060

Since the latest liquid waste spill at Crouchland Biogas on Tuesday, there appears to have been a welcome stop to operations and a resulting silence for neighbouring residents.

As the spill was around the machinery for the AD plant and the digesters, perhaps this indicates a resultant failure of the machinery. We hope none of the workers employed by Crouchland Biogas have been exposed to polluting waste and that noone's safety has been compromised. It must be a very depressing place to work, with constant breaches of regulations, in many aspects of their operations.