Significant and welcome amendments to the Certificate of Lawfulness which will curb Crouchland activities

What a great result for the whole community!

The WSCC Planning Committee voted on a very reduced/amended Certificate of Lawfulness this afternoon for Crouchland Biogas Ltd. which will greatly restrict their activities.

The amended Certificate of Lawfulness, among other things, removes;...
1. Reference to the 4 metal containers for gas conditioning –the 2011 permissions
2. Reference to importation of waste or any other material

They also agreed to include the wording ‘AD unit ANCILLARY to farming’.

The knock on effect clearly shows that the exportation of gas is deemed to be unlawful.

It was wonderful to witness our community presenting such powerful cases to the WSCC Officers and Planning Committee and we send our thanks to that Planning Committee for their decision.

The Enforcement Appeal return date is the 23rd October, so the Parish Councils and PORE will be putting in their submissions to take part in this. We are preparing for that Appeal and the Appeal against the Refusal of Planning Permission too.

See press article below;