Aerial photograph of a biogas plant in rural Plaistow, West Sussex

For those of you viewing from London, Hartest and much further afield - this is what has been built in the middle of our rural community, set amongst Ancient Woodlands and serviced by single track lanes.
How can Crouchland Biogas Ltd ever think that this was the place to build a commercial biogas plant with unrestricted volumes of any waste to be imported to the plant at any time of day or night? Can they be surprised that their retrospective planning application was refused? Had they asked for permission for this - before they built it - it would have also been refused.

The community is now gearing up to respond to Crouchland Biogas' two Appeals -  against the refusal of planning permission and against the 2 Enforcement Notices.

Please do attend the meeting in Chichester, starting promptly at 1.15pm this Tuesday, to show your opposition to WSCC granting them a Certificate of Lawfulness. Please see previous post for the address.