Clear-up of the digestate pollution is underway.

A whole week after the massive digestate spill at Crouchland Biogas - and the clear up operation is in full swing. Heavy machinery digs out the waterways and men are digging by hand in the woods. It's a major exercise.

The EA sent this update yesterday;
'Polluting matter did enter a local watercourse but this has now been contained. Sadly, the polluting matter has had a significant impact along 1km of the watercourse, both on the ecology and on its ability to support livestoc...k watering. We do not consider there to be any further risk to the environment but the polluting material needs to be cleared up.

On Friday we issued a notice to the site operator requiring them by law to undertake clean-up work. We expect this to start very shortly. Our site controller will be attending the site daily to check the work is taking place and the pollution is contained.

Please feel free to share this update with the wider community.

We would continue to urge anyone to report incidents of pollution to our 24 hour hotline on 0800 807060.'

Whilst three organisations are involved in the clear-up operation caused by Crouchland Biogas, they continue to operate as usual, swamping our lanes with HGVs.

Diggers scraping the bottom of the stream and removing digestate

Diggers scraping the bottom of the stream and removing digestate

Men digging up the digestate by hand in the woods