Environment Agency update regarding the pollution

Update from the Environment Agency regarding a discharge of liquid waste from Crouchland Farm;

''Polluting matter did enter a local watercourse but this has now been contained. Sadly, the polluting matter has had a significant impact along 1km of the watercourse, both on the ecology and on its ability to support livestock watering. We do not consider there to be any further risk to the environment but the polluting material needs to be cleared up.

We are actively involved in... monitoring the operator’s clean up and making sure that it is carried out effectively. Our incident command unit has gone from the site but a site controller will visit each day to check on progress.

A full investigation is ongoing so further details will be limited until all the facts of the case are completely understood. We will provide you with a further update on Monday 29 June. Please feel free to share this update with the wider community.

We would continue to urge anyone to report incidents of pollution to our 24 hour hotline on 0800 807060.''

NOTE FROM PORE; the polluting waste also travelled over half a kilometre, partly in a wide arc, across fields and woods, before reaching the watercourse described above. The clear-up operation will be done by a company called OHES.

See photograph below showing the digestate sweeping across farmland at Crouchlands before reaching the watercourses.