Enforcement report to the Planning Committee for June 2nd and further news

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find below a link to the agenda for the forthcoming meeting of the Planning Committee of West Sussex County Council which will take place on Tuesday 2 June at 10.30 a.m. in the Council Chamber at County Hall, Chichester, West Street, PO19 1RQ. The meeting will consider a report concerning enforcement at Crouchland Farm. It is anticipated that this item will be considered by the committee at 12.15 p.m. 


Please note that the meeting will take place in the Council Chamber at County Hall, Chichester and there is no need to reserve seats.

 If you have any queries please contact me.

 Yours faithfully

 Matthew Evans

Clerk to the Planning Committee

The Enforcement Report released yesterday for the WSCC Planning Committee, contains an Appendix B which gives Crouchland Biogas’s version of the weekly HGV movements in February and March 2015.
They state zero HGVs carrying digestate and zero HGVs carrying dirty water and slurry.
Our community can verify that there were up to 50 HGV movements PER DAY during parts of March and April and have evidence to prove this.
Our main objection to this whole planning application is against the HGV movements on our quiet, rural country lanes – and it is unacceptable to read such distortions of the truth. It only strengthens our resolve to get the truth known and our local people protected from danger on our highways.


The EA confirm that the pollution was mainly farm based, but as we have always said and is now confirmed in section 3.4 of yesterday's Enforcement report to the Planning Committee, 'Manure and slurry from within the Crouchland Farm unit are managed in the AD plant.'

This confirms that the pollution last week was indeed another AD issue, not just a farm issue.


The EA have confirmed that there was a self-reported spill incident at Crouchland Biogas on 8th May. If Crouchland reported it themselves we can only assume how potentially serious it must have been.