Emergency call-out to Environment Agency last night to test for pollution from Crouchland Farm

At 6pm last night the Environment Agency (EA) were called out to test the water in the stream leaving Crouchland Farm and passing under Rickmans Lane, towards Foxbridge and Ifold. There was little water to actually test as it was a thick, glutinous, foul-smelling sludge staining skin and smelling metallic.


The EA confirmed to PORE that the substance looked 'bad' and would be tested overnight. Livestock have been removed from the fields in the neighbouring farm and the EA discussed the possibility of tankering out any pollution in the stream. However with heavy rain forecast for today, it seems the pollution will move downstream causing further problems.

About time our countryside was allowed to rebuild and regenerate, after so much degradation. The EA need to remove the Environmental Permit given to Crouchland Biogas, who have no regard for our beautiful villages or the villagers within them.