Planning Committee reasons for refusal of the Crouchland Biogas application

The Crouchland Biogas Application was REFUSED on 3rd March with a motion carried to the effect; This committee does not accept the 2010 situation as the appropriate baseline for this application and that this application is a change of use. In that circumstance, I would recommend this committee should refuse this application as it conflicts with W3; as there has been a Highways objection on the grounds of safety; the need for the plant has not been established; and also the siting of such plant as the best location has not been established.

In summing up, the following reasons were given for refusal;
1. Not considered to be acceptable in terms of highway safety because the route between the site and the junction of Plaistow Road and the B2133 is unsuitable in terms of its width, the restrictive nature of the junctions and the limited visibility to manage the intensification of HGV movements proposed.
2. An inappropriate location for a waste use in the countryside
3. There is no demonstrable, quantitative or market need
4.The development would result in an unacceptable impact on the amenity of local residents from the operation of plant and machinery; and associated HGV movements.

5.The development would have an adverse impact on the rural character of the area, the quality of its landscape; and the natural and historical environment
6.Adverse impact on local amenity and impact on the local environment
7.Inappropriate Development

The officers will take a few weeks to now consider the enforcement action that will be taken.

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