Hardnips Barn 'woodstore' (AKA garage!) is REFUSED retrospective planning permission.

Last year, the Managing Director of Crouchland Biogas erected a 'wood store/garden store' without the required planning permission at his home at Hardnips Barn, next to the Crouchland Biogas plant. He then submitted a retrospective planning application which has now been determined. Interestingly, despite describing it as a woodstore, he was able to park two large cars in it and also connect strip lighting. Most people would call it a enormous garage in an Ancient Woodland.

Planning Application: PS/14/03513/FUL
Chichester District Council has determined the application and the decision was REFUSE.

The proposed building by reason of its use as a wood store and general garden store, and location outside the domestic curtilage, is considered to result in an inappropriate and unjustified form of development in the Rural Area and protected Ancient Woodland, far removed from the main residential unit of accommodation. Furthermore insufficient information has been provided detailing potential impacts on the Ancient Woodlands character, appearance and special qualities (including proposed mitigation). Without this information the Local Planning Authority is unable to determine that the works would not harm the designated Ancient Woodland. The proposal would therefore fail to accord with saved Local Plan Policies RE1, RE5, BE11, BE14, policies 1, 25, 45, 48 of the Emerging Local Plan and paragraphs 17, 118 of the National Planning Policy Framework.