Delay in signing the Decision Notice

It has been 3 weeks since the Crouchland planning application was refused by the WSCC Planning Committee. However, no decision notice has yet been signed.

The Democratic Officer at WSCC has explained the unusual delay in producing a decision notice as follows;

'Tony Kershaw as the Monitoring Officer at the County Council has deferred the signing of the formal notice in order to give further consideration to the issue.’

Agreed, this is a complex case involving various legal 'opinions' and many interested parties. Appeals and Judicial reviews loom large and the AD community and the press watch carefully.

The Planning Committee made clear their views - and we trust the democratic process is upheld.

Meanwhile we note the further disintegration of Foxbridge Lane as Crouchlands import feedstock and export digestate in tanker loads, all day long.


On top of this, our residents struggle to enjoy their normal activities on our country lanes;