New equipment delivered to Crouchland

Despite being refused planning permission, a new 'Dairy Office' was delivered to Crouchland last week. In the last few days an enormous 'Peecon' Anaerobic Digester Feeder appeared just down the road at Malham Farm. This either means that

  1. Malham Farm are now planning on building an Anaerobic Digester
  2. Crouchland Biogas are moving their equipment to try again at Malham Farm, or
  3. Crouchland Biogas ordered the new feeder, before ensuring they had planning permission and now don't know where to put it.

If you are unable to see our facebook page, then you are missing out on all the photos showing the huge increase in HGV traffic along our country lanes as they seek to export the enormous amount of digestate stored in their full lagoons. Last week they were transporting to Pulborough and Stopham and 40 HGV movements were recorded on Foxbridge Lane on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, the road close to the entrance to Crouchland Farm was repaired again, for the second time in 6 weeks. It doesn't feel too good for the taxpayer to be funding this. 

On Friday morning two tankers met head to head on Foxbridge Lane, but due to several parked cars they were unable to move. A van with Crouchland workers arrived to try and rectify the situation; a car was moved and the 15/20 minute hold up was then cleared. Just another simple example of how unsuitable this lane is. 

Keep your eyes peeled and do send any information/photos to the facebook page or to PORE representatives.