Crouchland Biogas P.R. Agency and new website

Crouchland Biogas continue to use their London PR agency to try and make light of our villages' concerns, in press releases. Of course they are a professional PR agency and we should expect this, as according to their website ...they say they are “experienced in projects that require a ‘political’ approach, and those that need skills in community engagement, public relations, social media, conflict management or event organisation . Whatever the challenges and whatever approach we adopt, our objective is always the same: a successful outcome”.

As a community we don’t have the option of engaging a professional PR agency to make our case, but we can continue to point out the facts and stand up for what we know is right.

That is the strength of community and there is no more important a time to use that strength, to defend against this inappropriate development.

Crouchland Biogas have just developed their new website, which clearly is inaccurate, especially in light of the recent QC advice which shows that they did not originally have unrestricted permissions to import waste. 

The Highways and Transport section shows an inaccurate table, with the statement, 'Our proposals will mean a reduction in the heavy vehicle movements compared with what is currently approved at our site.' Herein lies the debate.

This week's 'Midhurst and Petworth Observer' carries a two page spread on the Crouchland Biogas recent events and the withdrawal of the Planning report.