Leon Mekitarian in West Sussex County Times video and article.

See the article and the 3 minute video in the West Sussex County Times. Scroll down below the article to also read the comments. 


Here is a copy of one of the comments in response to the article;

So nothing has changed ? Everything has changed:
1. The original on-farm Biodigester has been expanded considerably without planning permission increasing it's capacity to make it "one of the biggest biogas plants in England" according to Scotia Gas
2.The original biodigester used to rely on waste from the farm (just read the articles published by the former Farm Manager in his West Sussex County Times columns.) It then started importing food waste from London and now plans to bring 4,000 tonnes of Glycerol in HGV's from a supplier in Bristol , although they won't tell anyone exactly where, this is just a fraction of the total 7,000 HGV's they have applied for
3. They used to export the energy via a cable to the electricity grid which needed zero HGV's. Now presumably because gas makes them more money, there are 3,120 HGV's that run all the way to Portsmouth and back to access the gas grid
4. It used to be a dairy farm owned by farmers, now it is Crouchland Biogas Ltd owned by professional investors and pension funds attracted by the government subsidies - all info verifiable at Companies House
The two things that haven't changed are that the area it is in is a very rural tranquil part of West Sussex which the council deems 'rare and worthy of protection' and the lanes that the HGV's use are single country lanes completely unsuitable for HGV's.
Oh and your highly respected Farm Manager and columnist who built up the dairy herd has since left.

I suggest to get a feel of what the HGV's are really like you view the video on the PORE protest website - actually why don't you publish that?

Oh and let's be clear that Highways only withdrew it's objection because of WSCC advice and not because the lanes are suitable. Here's what they said "In its capacity as the Local Highway Authority (LHA), West Sussex County Council (WSCC) raised an objection to the proposed upgrade of an existing anaerobic digester facility at Crouchland Farm on the 23rd October 2014 on the grounds that the vehicular route from the site to the B2133 was not suitable to accommodate the intensification in HGV traffic associated with the proposed development. Subsequent to the objection the Applicant has submitted additional information through Technical Note C14093 (TN) and various plans and swept path analysis relating to a scheme of passing places along Foxbridge Lane. As a consequence of legal opinion provided by WSCC Solicitors and independent Counsel on the extant planning permissions of the site, the LHA withdraws its objection to the proposed development subject to conditions and a Section 106 Agreement. Therefore, while the LHA still have concerns regarding the suitability of the road to accommodate HGV traffic, the legal advice is noted and the LHA withdraws its objection to the scheme".

So to accomodate the 7,000 HGV's along roads that are nowhere near the strategic lorry routes and that the Highways have concerns about regarding suitability, West Sussex County Council will widen Foxbridge Lane and make passing places in an area they deem rare and worthy of protection - makes absolute sense to me. Why not build a flyover while you're at it?