Questions raised about West Sussex County Council.

PORE are becoming increasingly concerned at the probity of the way in which the retrospective planning application is being dealt with.

Following a freedom of information request by Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council to OFGEM, PORE has been given a copy of an email from Crouchlands to OFGEM dated 11th December 2014 which states:

"All discussions with planners now completed today for the enlarged ...installation. All CHP`s are in the scheme and allowed to be used as required. Full PP expected at committee on Feb 3rd. With no enforcement action in force, in the interim we are allowed to operate all equipment in agreement with WSCC with a valid planning application pending until the decision is formalized at committee."

So, on the 11th December 2014 with a Highway 'Objection' still in place and 6 weeks before the planning report was made public, it appears a cosy deal was struck behind closed doors. Crouchlands report as a matter of fact to OFGEM, that permission will be granted, before it had been considered by Committee.

Is this really what we should accept? WSCC have questions to answer. What was said and agreed at the 11/12/2014 meeting and in the preceding meetings? Why was the unusual step of withdrawing the Enforcement Notice taken and why did WSCC agree to allowing Crouchlands to operate all the equipment without planning permission?