Last chance to write to the Inspector!

If you haven't sent an email to the Inspector- and wish you had - now's your last chance! (by tuesday)

Email to;

Quote all three appeal reference numbers in all correspondence;...
APP/P3800/W/15/3134445, APP/L3815/C/15/3133236 and APP/P3800/X/15/3137735

You may have written a letter of objection last year to WSCC about the retrospective CBG planning application. All the 450 objections will be forwarded to the Inspectorate. However you may wish to add to, amend or just resend your initial comments.You may also have written in October about the Enforcement appeal but you can write again. ...Having lived with the development for the past year you may have had further experiences which you want to raise with the Inspectorate, possibly arising from the damage to Foxbridge Lane requiring extensive repair, or the noise, or the loss of amenity or safety on the road, or impact on the environment. Alternatively you may just wish to send a quick note to explain your full support for Plaistow & Ifold and Kirdford Parish Councils, PORE and Chichester Dictrict Council - and/or to stand by your original objections