Foxbridge Lane closed for rebuilding, lasting two weeks

Due to the 2 year barrage of HGV traffic on our rural Foxbridge Lane - supplying a Biogas plant without the required planning permission - the lane is closed for two weeks in order to be repaired and rebuilt.

WSCC Highways HAVE to make the lane safer, as they agree that the existing lane is not safe to accommodate the onslaught of HGVs, especially at the junctions.

The junctions are therefore being made safer (wider) to accommodate the HGVs. It is recorded by this whole community that we do NOT wish for our lane to remain widened at the junctions, in order to justify an activity that we have all objected to. We would request that the junctions be returned to their narrower width should the appeal be rejected.

See photographs below;

Do especially show your support for Foxbridge Golf Club over this time and meet a friend for coffee/drink/snack. Access is available to the Club at all times.