Chancellor announces £700 million of cuts to biogas subsidies

It seems that the Chancellor has realised that the subsidies paid to the biogas industry are unsustainable and that they are adding unnecessarily to consumers' energy bills, representing poor value for money. In his Autumn Statement this week, the Chancellor stated that he would be "Reforming the scheme to improve value for money, delivering savings of almost £700 million by 2020-21”.

AN OBVIOUS WAY TO SAVE MONEY IS TO STOP PAYING MONEY TO UNLAWFUL OPERATIONS LIKE CROUCHLAND BIOGAS! (something that we have already suggested to the relevant government departments).

It is pretty clear that without these substantial taxpayer subsidies these type of operations just can't make economic sense - and without them the desire to invest and flout planning laws will be diminished.

It remains to be seen what action DECC and OFGEM take regards paying subsidies to an unlawful operation. The right action might see Crouchlands moving from herds of cows to white elephants.