Crouchland Biogas and their 4 Appeals!

The 4 appeals (which will be co-joined) have been confirmed. Details will be found at;

Details and advice on how to make an objection will be posted on here and emailed to you once we know more details;

  • Reference: APP/L3815/C/15/3133236

Enforcement Notice Appeal; installation of a biogas digestion tank (etc) ii

  •  Reference: APP/L3815/C/15/3133237

Enforcement Notice Appeal; change of use to a mixed use for agriculture and..

  •  Reference: APP/P3800/W/15/3134445

Planning Appeal (W); Proposed upgrade of an existing anaerobic digestion

  •  Reference: APP/P3800/X/15/3137735

Lawful Development Certificate Appeal; The use of the items of operational development