ACTION NEEDED BY YOU! (this weekend - or next week)

If you wish to object to Crouchland Biogas’ Appeal against 2 Enforcement Notices, letters need to be received by the Inspector by 23rd October.

Information as to how to do this is shown in the link below – please take great care to get this right. It is vital that the Inspector hears your views. Our villages are small, so everyone’s input is needed. Please help your elderly neighbours to also write in.

Please be aware that you will also need to object to the next Appeal (against their refusal of planning permission) so we suggest you keep a copy of your letters to re-submit with modifications, when the time comes.

We expect that the Appeals will not be heard until June 2016.

Please remember that this Appeal is against CDC’s allegation (and subsequent notices to remove equipment and cease operations) that;

  1. A change of use occurred to create a commercial biogas plant with importation of waste, without planning permission
  2. An enormous amount of equipment and a huge lagoon has been installed at Crouchland Biogas without planning permission

If you are against Crouchland Biogas’ activities then you will be writing in to object to the Appeal by Crouchland Biogas and to support Chichester DC with their Enforcement Notices.

You will not find it difficult to write your views in your own words, but you may also like to briefly include these other issues; (although these would be most applicable for the Appeal against the refusal of planning permission, coming later)
• The damage and safety issues on Foxbridge and other lanes. Lanes unsuitable for HGV use.
• The Environmental impact including impact on trees and Ancient Woodland
• Industrialisation in a very rural location
• Noise, if it affects you
• Impact on the public rights of way
• Effects on your amenity
. Far too big a plant; too large a capacity for rural area
We could go on and on!

Please read the Ifold Blog for details on how to make comments;