New Crouchland application for a garage, sorry we mean 'Wood-store'!

William Luttman-Johnson, owner of Crouchland Farm has put in a new retrospective planning application for the 'Erection of wood store and general garden store' shown below - obviously known to most people as a 'GARAGE' with accompanying strip lighting.

Bear in mind that this has already been built in an Ancient Woodland and that during construction, a loss in extent of woodland habitat has occurred. This is a material consideration in the determination of any planning applica...tion.

There is a suggestion that he could leave it up because an Ecologist has found the evidence (butterfly wings) of a Brown Long-Eared Bat roosting and feeding overnight in this garage. He proposes to plant some trees in an adjoining field to mitigate against this.

We suggest that the principle of allowing an unlawful structure to remain in place, due to the new presence of an animal which could be relocated, is flawed. Remove the unlawful structure AND erect alternative accommodation for the animal. Before the wood-store is removed and in coordination with a Bat expert, a bat-roosting structure is mounted nearby (without any strip-lighting or cars) as an alternative site for one Brown Long-Eared Bat that may roost there overnight.

If you wish to support or object to this application number 15/03095/FUL, it can be found on the CDC Planning page, under Crouchland.

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