Further pollution happening today


It truly beggars belief, but the Environment Agency were investigating the stream leaving Crouchland Biogas last night and flowing down over the neighbouring farmers land.

Yes, the same stream that had to be dug out in June due to the huge polluting digestate spill - and which took many weeks to clear up. The colour of the water is brown and is suspected to be polluting.

There cannot be too many more incidents before the Environment Agency will revoke their Permit?

The holders of the current Environmental Permit at Crouchland Biogas are Mr William Mitchell and Mrs Lucilla Luttman-Johnson, who are the landowners of the Crouchland Biogas site and living in Hartest, Suffolk. They are legally responsible to ensure that the site is managed in accordance with the permit.

Since 2014, 66 incidents have been reported to the EA (not including when incidents are reported more than once by different people); 15 events have been reviewed by the EA where they have suspected that the Operator has not been in compliance with their permit and 7 legal notices have been served on the Operator.


From October 1st, digestate CANNOT be spread on tilled land in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone.

Please let us know the address of any farm which you see receiving Farm Fuels TANKER deliveries, so that we can alert the EA to check they are not spreading digestate or any other nitrate rich materials in a NVZ. Do let the Parish Council know and they will alert PORE.