Tractors and trailers overwhelm Plaistow village

It has been 48 hours of constant enormous tractors and trailer through our village, only stopping for 10 hours at night. They have powered throughout the day, every 3-5 minutes, even through the school pick-up times. Tonight Rickmans Lane is like a skating ring of mud outside the entrance to Crouchland Farm.

Due to the unprecedented number of complaints in the last 2 days about the number and size of the tractors and trailers bringing maize into Crouchlands Farm, a request was made this afternoon to find out when this activity would stop.

Crouchlands were unable to comment, saying we would need to contact the contractors. They were, however, unable to give the name of the contractors! A driver kindly told us that it is Woodmancote Agricultural Contractors. With tractors passing through our tiny village every 3-5 minutes throughout the day and late into the evenings there are real issues with the mud outside their entrance making Rickmans Lane very unsafe.

Please do contact the contractors, as Crouchlands suggested we do.

We have all been used to normal rural volumes of traffic, but the needs of a Commercial Biogas plant mean that huge volumes of feedstock needs to be brought in. Even though unlawful, as an appeal is in process they can continue to do this. However our safety is still of paramount importance. They will also claim that this maize will all be consumed by the small dairy herd - which will surely explode! They never needed this much food in the past when the herd was 3 times the size.

Very sadly a residents cat was seen being squashed by one of the tractors today.

Two tractors unable to keep to their side of the lane

Two tractors unable to keep to their side of the lane