'Reading Buses' using unlawful gas from Crouchlands via Gas Bus Alliance

  • The gas produced unlawfully from Crouchland Biogas is transported to Portsmouth and 'injected into the national gas grid in lieu of the gas consumed by buses in Reading'.

The system is all very good until you take on board the unlawful manufacture and export of the gas from Crouchland. Have a read of this article and see the comments at the bottom.

It's highly unlikely that Gas Bus Alliance disclose this to the County Councils! Unsurprisingly we find that Barry Evans is a Director of Crouchland Biogas and the Chairman of Gas Bus Alliance.....say no more.


  • Why is the government funding an unlawful operation with taxpayers money?

The conditioning and export of biogas has been declared unlawful by WSCC. Even if Crouchland appeal the decision, the conditioning and export of gas remains unlawful until such time as an Inspector decides otherwise.

You will be shocked to know that OFGEM is still paying substantial subsidies from your income tax to this unlawful operation at Crouchland Biogas and that they are allowing the unlawfully produced biogas to be injected into the national grid and that SGN, part of SSE (Southern Electric) is knowingly facilitating this.

Apparently this is not the only unlawful renewable energy plant receiving funds from OFGEM - a solar park in Wiltshire built without planning is also being funded.

We have asked our MP Andrew Tyrie to raise this with Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for DECC, as this situation seems indefensible.