To help you with objecting!

We know how busy you all are so here's a template for the start of your letter (send 3 copies) or your email;

Mr Ben White,

The Planning Inspectorate,

3/23 Temple Quay House,

2 The Square,

Temple Quay,

Bristol, BS1 6PN

 Dear Sir, 

Crouchlands Biogas Ltd. 

Crouchland Farm, Rickmans Lane, Plaistow, West Sussex, RH14 0LE  

LPA Reference Number: PS/54 

RefAPP/L3815/C/15/3133236        APP/L3815/C/15/3133237    

Chichester District Council Case Number: PS/13/00015/CONCOU

 I write against the appeal and in firm support of the Enforcement action

......and then write your piece to let them know how you feel; how the plant does not have the required permissions and how this cannot be allowed in this tranquil, rural area of special character which is nowhere near any appropriate lorry networks. Our safety is severely compromised. It is not Renewable Energy at any cost and it is ruining our amenity as well. Pollution, noise, destruction of Ancient woodland and trees. Further delay just means further subsidy for this plant. An appalling precedent would be set if the applicant were allowed to continue with his unauthorised development, which would never have been permitted had he applied for permissionbefore he started etc etc.

Good luck and thank you!  

Make sure it arrives by 23rd October.