Crouchland Biogas submit a further 7 new documents

7” NEW documents have been submitted by Crouchland Biogas and uploaded to the WSCC website. These include a new Design and Access Statement, Executive Summary of Application, a new Working Statement, Site Planning Layout v3. and a Lighting Plan.

 WSCC Planning Application: WSCC/042/14/PS

We wait to see whether these new documents will delay the Planning Committee Meeting to decide the Application, which had been expected on February 3rd.

Please do keep up your objections. We will again try to summarise points from these new documents with which we have disagreement, but this may take a week. Do have a look at their new powerful flood lighting, especially visible from across the fields towards Plaistow Village. They claim that this is the existing lighting at Crouchland Farm, but it has only been erected in the past month, which was when we drew it to the WSCC's attention. Section 5.1 of the Design and Access Statement seems to point to their using the road to Kirdford for the Gas Transport and for bringing in feedstock to the Ad plant. This means that not only Foxbridge Lane will suffer and the safety issues will spread towards other villages.

We need continued vigilance and energy and welcome your support.

We are keeping Eric Pickles' April statement to the House of Commons at the forefront of our minds, This coalition government has reformed the planning process so that communities themselves have the opportunity to influence the decisions that affect their lives. We have abolished regional strategies, and their top down renewable energy targets, and are encouraging local councils to work with their communities to set out in their local plan where developments for renewable energy should and should not take place. We have also been very clear that the views of local communities should be listened to”