If you wish to object again?

There have been a further 8 documents submitted to WSCC by Crouchland Biogas in the last 7 days. Our Committee members have all submitted their own objections to these documents.

Should you wish to object again, please email anna.whitty@westsussex.gov.uk

If you do not have time to read all this paperwork (who does?!) may we suggest that you read our objections which should be posted onto the WSCC website imminently. The date of our objections will be from 09.01.15, but may not be uploaded for a few more days. Remember you have to click on this link and take the following steps;


  1. Click on the word 'Documents' on the right hand end of the central blue bar
  2. Scroll down through all the Application documents and Consultation Reports; then through the HUNDREDS of Representation Objections, until you come to the longer objection emails that have been submitted from named individuals. The newest ones are at the top of this list and you need to look at the most recent (since 09.01.15) for our Committee responses, which were submitted on Saturday.

Make sure you have signed our E-Petition too;


Remember that the Application will be heard on 3rd February.

Keep an eye on the PORE facebook page; www.facebook.com/poreorg and the Ifold Blog https://ifolduk.wordpress.com/