Letter in The West Sussex County Times

The following letter appeared in this week's West Sussex County Times;

Anger over Plaistow industrialisation

 Dear Sirs, 

I read with interest your article ‘Anger over Plaistow Farm Upgrade’ dated 28th August and in particular the comments from Mr Mekitarian, the Managing Director at Crouchland Biogas.

 Mr Mekitarian is right to highlight that the local community, including all the surrounding parish councils are deeply concerned about the inappropriateness of the local road infrastructure and the vehicle movements associated with his industrial scale activities.  I note that Mr Mekitarian highlights that only 3 HGVs will transport gas from Plaistow to Portsmouth for the benefit of those lucky 8000 households on mains gas.  It is probably not surprising that he failed to mention the additional 28,000 HGV vehicle movements that will be required to transport waste and fuel crops like maize, along the narrow rural lanes surrounding Plaistow to feed his industrial scale Anaerobic Digester.  That number of HGV movements could quadruple if the plant he has already built operates at full capacity.

 I was somewhat surprised by Mr Mekitarian’s final comment that Crouchland Biogas will continue to listen to the community, when the business that he leads singularly failed to engage with the local community, or the planning authorities for that matter, before building his industrial scale energy plant on a rural dairy farm without the necessary planning consents.

 Let’s just hope that the councillors on the West Sussex County Council Planning Committee see sense and reject the retrospective planning application as they did the recent fracking application in neighbouring Kirdford and Wisborough Green.

Yours sincerely

Paul Reynolds

Rickmans Lane