Villagers show their opposition to Crouchland Biogas' expansion

On Sunday 14th September, residents old and young, with dogs, mobility scooters and bicycles met at Crouchland Farm to show their opposition to the expanded AD Facility.

Everyone had a steadfast view that the industrial sized plant, as is currently operating at Crouchland Farm (WITHOUT the required planning permission) is inappropriate and completely unsuitable to be sited in this parish.

Top of the list of concerns is the safety to road-users, who compete with the barrage of tankers/HGVs and tractors that pound the rural lanes, especially around Plaistow, Kirdford, Ifold, Loxwood and Balls Cross.

News on the progress of the retrospective Planning Application is awaited from WSCC.

Meanwhile Crouchland Biogas Ltd is now supplying Scotia Gas on a daily basis.