Scotia Gas Chairman predicts Crouchland Biogas will be 4 times as big as Poundbury facility

Scotia Gas Networks have entered into agreement with Crouchland Biogas to buy the biogas produced and take it by road tanker to their facility in Portsmouth. The chairman states in their annual report that Crouchland "has the potential to be four times the size of Poundbury" . Poundbury is an AD site on the Duchy of Cornwall estate.

The Rainbarrow Farm site at Poundbury is a 0.388 Megawatt facility ; Crouchlands application is for  4.15 Megawatts.

Rainbarrow Farm Poundbury website states that they input 40,000 Tonnes of  waste and the Duchy of cornwall carbon report states they generate 27,789MWh of Gas.

Crouchlands application states it has the  capacity  to generate 108,711.6MWh  of Gas (3.9 times as much as Poundbury) and yet the application is only showing inputs of 34,755 Tonnes of waste waste .

Generating 3.9 times as much gas as Poundbury whilst using less waste inputs than Poundbury does not seem to add up . The concern is that the application is showing inputs and associated HGV/Tanker/trailer trips at much less than the capacity that has been built.