Objection from Campaign To Protect Rural England (CPRE)

The following objection was recently received by WSCC against the Crouchland Application and seems to neatly sum up the situation.

To:           The Planning Committee

From:       The CPRE for Chichester District


Dear Sirs,                                                WSCC/041/14/PS  Anaerobic Digester Crouchland Farm

We wish to submit a strong objection to this proposal. 

The existing Digester system was designed and used as a means of disposing of local farm slurry.  The so-called update is a totally different proposition. It amounts to a huge Digester for processing incoming material, collected over a wide area, to export for a profit the biogas produced. That would be a business separate from farming, a significant change of use, totally inappropriate for this locality. The amount of heavy traffic would destroy the country lanes and ruin the environment for miles around.

It appears that the  developer has dug out, without planning permission, a vast area for a slurry lagoon of millions of gallons.  We advise that planning permission should be urgently refused.  We also urge that the case be referred for enforcement to remedy the breach of the law and restore the environment. If a restoration is not achieved the land will become unsaleable, and the environment will be permanently damaged.