Enforcement Action being taken against Crouchland Farm by the Environment Agency

Enforcement action is being taken against Crouchland Farm by the Environment Agency.
An investigation is ongoing after the Environment Agency recently witnessed a Crouchland bowser, towed by a tractor, emptying liquid onto a saturated field which then ran into, and resulted in suspected pollution of Whithurst Copse. Samples from a nearby stream have been sent to their Laboratory for analysis.

The Farm Manager was told to stop any further operations on the "Housefield" and to plough both fields to ensure improved drainage and stop any surface run-off.

See www.facebook.com/poreorg for photos.

Crouchland Farm is located in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone and therefore they should;
• Plan their use of livestock manure and manufactured nitrogen fertilisers to ensure that they don’t apply more nitrogen than their crops require
• Produce a risk map for any land where they intend to spread organic manure
• Comply with the field limit, the Max (crop nitrogen requirement) limit, closed periods and spreading controls for spreading manufactured nitrogen fertilisers and organic manures
• Comply with the livestock manure N (nitrogen) farm limit
• Provide adequate storage capacity for livestock manures
• Keep records of the nitrogen applied to each of their fields, and some records and calculations for the farm as a whole.