WSCC Highways object to Crouchland application

WSCC Highways department has today objected to Crouchlands application, recognising that the rural lanes are inappropriate for the proposed HGV traffic. They also do not accept the baseline traffic movements that Crouchland submitted . The report itemises many of the safety concerns that are only too apparent to residents who have had to put up with these HGV's on a  daily basis.

"The vehicular route to be used by HGV traffic between the site and the B2233, by virtue of its narrow width, tight turns and restricted visibility (with particular regard to Rickmans Lane, the junction of Rickmans Lane and Foxbridge Lane, Foxbridge Lane and the junction of Foxbridge Lane/Plaistow Road) is not suitable to accommodate the intensification in HGV traffic that would be generated by the proposed development, and would result in a severe impact on highway safety contrary to paragraphs 32 and 35 of the NPPF, 1.2.1 and 1.4.9 of the WSCC Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 and paragraphs b, c(i) and c(iii) of the West Sussex Waste Local Plan (2014)."

We hope that this will help convince the planning officer and the planning committee that this application should be rejected. 

The application will be determined by committee which at the moment is expected to be 2nd December, although this may change.