Even Crouchlands realise their HGV's are too wide for our lanes

Apparently it's acceptable for Crouchlands to unlawfully construct a complete industrial complex in our rural community,and destroy our narrow rural lanes in 30 tonne HGV's, but woebetide anyone who dares to park their car outside their own home . This morning a resident of Foxbridge lane was having some building work done and needed to park their cars on the road outside their property to allow access for the builders. Ironically part of the work was to re-instate the drainage ditch that the Crouchland lorries had damaged (one Crouchland HGV actually fell in it last year and had to be towed out by a tractor). Three Farm Fuels HGV's turned up in convoy and asked for one of the cars to be moved over - which was done.

The resident received a visit from the Police saying they'd had a complaint about  "obstructing the highway". The Police could see that the cars were parked as far over as possible and weren't forming an obstruction. Of course the Police handled it professionally and it's good to know they are now even more aware of the HGV issues.

Perhaps Crouchland have finally realised that their HGV's are too big for these lanes - maybe they can't see the white lines in the picture that show they can't even stay on their side of the road . We hope they won't be relying on Police call outs every time they can't squeeze past a  parked car and it's lucky other drivers don't call the Police everytime they are held up or forced into the verge by them.