Your chance to show your opposition to the Crouchland Biogas expansion

Monday 10th July, from 4 - 6pm....

This is your chance to show your opposition to the expansion of the Crouchland Biogas AD site and the proposed widening of Foxbridge Lane - thereby allowing the passage of up to 50 HGV per working day ie one HGV every 12 minutes.

This is your event! Bring everyone who values our rural villages, lanes and public rights of way – those of you who enjoy walking, cycling, horse-riding, jogging, dog walking and carriage driving.

Bring your bicycles, horses, dogs and children.

Tea and cake will be available (offers welcome!)

Plaistow and Ifold, with Kirdford Parish Councils now have £50,000 to raise to pay the extra costs incurred for the legal and expert fees and we need everyone’s help to tap into potential donors and grant-making bodies.

Whilst the Parish Councils had budgeted for the Inquiry, Crouchland Biogas submitted significantly changed documents at a very late stage, just weeks before the Parish Councils had to submit their final documents, which required our experts to abandon their prior work and to recalculate their reports. On top of this, as Crouchland Biogas have produced 7 expert witnesses to support their case all requiring cross-examination and re-examination, the Inquiry has had to extend from the planned 6 days to 10 days which will finish on July 31st at Brinsbury College.

If you think that big business shouldn't be able to use government subsidies to fund unlawful development and spoil a beautiful part of our countryside - and you believe in the power of people to come together and fight it, then we'd ask you to support this afternoon event on Foxbridge Lane, by just turning up and enjoying Foxbridge Lane, as we used to.

Please contact if you have some specific help to offer, or ideas. Be good to have some music on the lane, some banners and boards etc. Feel free to express your feelings about this matter! (Does anyone have a PA system which we could use on the lane, as we will have something to announce?)

(At the same time, a fund-raising golf competition, raffle and BBQ will be taking place at Foxbridge Golf Club from 4pm, with tickets available from the village shops. Donations and purchase of raffle prizes would be much appreciated.)

Spread the word far and wide and remember that this huge industrial development was built without even a planning application, around 5 years ago. What an injustice that we (as well as CDC and WSCC) have had to spend so much money and time to try to get this scaled back to the appropriate size for our cherished rural location.

Monday 10th July!

A date for your diaries - MONDAY 10TH JULY.

Raising much needed funds - support if you can.

  • GOLF; 9 hole Texas Scramble at Foxbridge Golf Club from 4pm, followed by BBQ and raffle. Tickets £30. Teams of 4. Entry Form from Susan on 01403 820 430


  • Anyone can join the evening BBQ at Foxbridge Golf Club for £10 (£5 for aged 12 and unders). Tickets from Plaistow or Kirdford Stores.


  • Further information coming later - also for that afternoon from 4-6 pm - EVERYONE NEEDED - put it in your diary now please!

Donations of raffle prizes much appreciated - and please buy some raffle tickets!

Email with general questions or call Susan on 01403 820 430 for golf/BBQ queries. 

Traffic Commissioner DECISION.

Traffic Commissioner DECISION from the 29th March Public Inquiry into Farm Fuels Ltd (owned by Crouchland Biogas Ltd.,

  1. 'Formal warning' issued for the breaches of condition in respect of the Woking operating centre;
  2. Undertaking added to the licence that ‘Mr Leon John Mekitarian shall take no part in the management, administration or control of the transport operations’;
  3. Applications to increase the authorisation t...o 12 vehicles and 18 trailers and to authorise the use of 2 operating centres in Yapton and Horsham are granted;
  4. The addition of Jonathan Mayes as transport manager approved; Costakis Mina removed as transport manager.

The company also applied for a further operating centre in Storrington which has met with some opposition and as a result the company have requested that it be allowed to continue to operate from the Woking site until that matter is disposed of. The Traffic Commissioner has agreed to this with the reminder that it must abide by the conditions that are attached to the use of that site.

'South East Farmer' tells about the Inquiry

Crouchland Biogas Ltd continues to amaze everyone at what they have constructed and operated for years, without planning consent. We are told that they are a 'thorn in the side' of the AD industry.

Such is the interest that PORE has followers from as far afield as South America, India, Bangladesh, USA and the United Arab Emirates.

Feel free to leave your comment at the bottom of the article itself.

Day 9 of the Inquiry

Day 9 of the Public Inquiry

Laurence Caird (Air Quality) and Colin Hicks (Ecology) were cross-examined today.

Later in the day the proposed 'Conditions' were discussed, should the Planning Inspector allow the appeal.

Last day of the Inquiry will be July 31st starting at 10am, with closing submissions from all parties to be sent in by email by mid-August.

Day 8 of the Inquiry

Mr Ian Powell, Agricultural witness for Crouchland Biogas was cross examined mainly regarding the carrying capacity of the existing dairy with regard to the fallback position. He disagreed with most of the conclusions reached by Webb Paton in their report for the proposed new mega-dairy, which is surprising as both were appointed by Aardvark and both were giving their expert views on the state of the current dairy buildings.

Mr Peter Atwood, the Noise witness for Crouchland Biogas was then cross-examined for the remainder of the day.

The Inquiry starts again tomorrow at 10am when Mr Laurence Caird (Air Quality witness for Crouchland Biogas) and Mr Colin Hicks (Ecology witness for Crouchland Biogas) will be cross examined. Following this, it is hoped that the 'Conditions' attached to the plant will be discussed, in the event that the appeal is allowed.

The final and 10th day for the Inquiry will be on Monday 31st July.

Wednesday 24th May 2017

Day 8 and 9 of the Public Inquiry will take place tomorrow and thursday, starting at 10am at The Conference Suite at Brinsbury Campus, North Heath, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 1DL

Mr Ian Powell, the Agricultural witness for Crouchland Biogas will present his evidence and be cross examined by the barristers for WSCC, CDC and the Parishes.

Crouchland Biogas Ltd assert that the fallback/baseline scenario (ie what would be there, if they hadn't built their industrial plant without planning consent) would inflict MORE HGVs on our rural lanes than with the development. They go on to argue that their proposed development (yes, the one that has already been built and operating for years) is in fact a preferable scenario than what would otherwise be there. They therefore suggest that the Planning Inspector should allow the Appeal as it is a better outcome for the residents.

Foxbridge Lane shown with - and without HGVs.

Mail on Sunday reminds us again of Crouchland pollutions

The Mail on Sunday tells of another case of AD failure leading to widespread pollution of a rural area. The last column refers to the pollution from Crouchland Biogas in 2015 and 2016, wrecking the neighbouring farmer's rare breed sheep and cattle business here in Plaistow, West Sussex.

At least the farmer in Wales explains he was 'Completely gutted' about the 'devastating' damage that was caused by his plant.

Day 7 of the Public Inquiry

Day 7 of the Inquiry

John Burgess, the Landscape and Visual witness for Crouchland Biogas was cross-examined all day by the barristers for WSCC, CDC and the Parishes.

The Inquiry will re-convene on 24th May (and 25th May) at 10am to hear the evidence of the Agricultural witness for Crouchland Biogas, Ian Powell. This will be a crucial cross-examination, as the fallback scenario for 850 cows is considered.

Further dates for the much extended Inquiry are now needed - with the suggestion that these will fall in August.