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The AD Site

Scroll through these pictures of the AD site. All the photos are taken from a public right of way that passes through the plant. Pedestrians have to dodge the HGV tankers, tractors, telehandlers, site vehicles, visiting vehicles and cows!

The Lagoons

Scroll through these pictures to see the huge digestate-containing lagoon 3, which was built without planning permission and has since had a retrospective planning application refused. Lagoon 2 is outside the Environment Agency Permit and has no permission for the digestate that it contains. It was lagoon 2 that suffered a major spill of digestate in june 2015 which cascaded through fields and Ancient Woodland before reaching a stream and then killing all aquatic life for about 2km and rendering the neighbouring farmer's prime pasture unusable. Lagoon 1 should only contain dirty water. Lagoon 4 has no planning permission and should not contain the digestate that leaked and then polluted around 4kms of waterways in March 2016

Pollution events and damage to Ancient Woodland and trees

Scroll through these pictures to see the substantial damage caused to the local area by both pollution events from Crouchland Farm/Biogas and also by poor operational management and neglect.

HGVs and the lanes they use

Scroll through these pictures to see the challenges that the HGV drivers have to contend with, to negotiate the tiny rural lanes that supply Crouchland Biogas Ltd. Cyclists, pedestrians, horse-riders and other road-users have been put in increased danger. Foxbridge Lane was destroyed and had to be re-built in 2015 by WSCC Highways, to the cost of around £190,000. See the damage to Foxbridge Lane in these pictures too.